Friday, May 25, 2007

Lydia .... gibberish

Usually she doesn't have much to say on the phone. Today it's another story: she is talking to papa on the phone and she has TONS to say. Unfortunately we have no idea what she was trying to say... it was complete and utter gibberish. She's using japanese sounds and rhythm so I assume that's what she is immitating.

The conversation on her side went something like this:
"Ano ne, shino nino ani nani. Neno nini. Mama door close. Ano ne, nino shini nananite. Rice. Milk. Möhre."

The "ano ne" is actually japanese. It means "you know" or "umm". The other stuff is gibberish. She told me to close the door. Then she answered rice, milk, carrots, when papa asked what she ate for dinner.

Roland said to me, "For once she had a lot to say to me. I feel so sorry I can't understand her. Poor girl!"

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Sia said...

I think that children often mix words when speaking in several languages. It's supposed to be enriching too... Hmm, wonder if that's true.

As for the gibberish, often children know something (like an object), invent their own word for it and then learn the proper word for it in respective languages.

Don't know if that was helpful or not, my first time commenting on someone's blog. I'll be following the development though, because it is of great interest to me as I'm trilingual myself (and have one more year left as a kid).