Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alexander 10 mo to 12 mo

I have decided to try Baby Signing with Alexander and actually stick with it this time. I did try with Lydia and she ended up learning 3 signs but then I basically gave up. The first sign we worked with for Alexander was "milk". I started signing it to him while nursing at around 8 months. At 10 months he started signing it.

At this point I added 2 more signs - "eat" and "more" - while feeding him foods other than milk. He wasn't signing anything except for milk but just TODAY (at 12 months), he started signing "eat". WoooHOOOOO! I'm so excited.

I think that continuing with the baby signing will help our trilingual family. This way mama, papa and the babysitter can use the same sign but say a different word. I'm hoping this will help out with the distinction between languages.


Boomer said...

We like your analysis and think you are remarkable (even Tutt!)

Phil, Christie, Sophie and Maya said...

Yay for baby signing! I bet Alex is glad to have another tool to express his wants/needs. I didn't know about baby signing when the kids were little -- it would have been interesting to try it.

Emily said...

I wish we had done more signing with Jackson, considering he had a speech delay. I think it's a great idea if he's going to be a trilingual child. How awesome.