Monday, May 21, 2007

Lydia 2 years to 2 years and 6 months

Everyone says kids slowly get a few words here and there and then all of a sudden their vocabulary explodes. This hasn't happened with us so far. It has been rather frustrating at times. Lydia's language development is much slower than some of her friends. However she does have some peers who are monolingual and don't/can't really talk more than her either. So I have not been really worried about her language development at any point.

From age 2 to 2.5, her vocabulary hasn't changed much. The pronunciation of the words she does say is so bad. Really only mama and papa can understand her.... Her babysitter was telling me she feels really bad that she can't understand what Lydia is trying to say. I reassured her by saying that I couldn't understand her 90% of the time either. She babbles and makes noises that sound like words and she knows what she wants but can't actually say it.

I frequently resort to the phrase "can you show me what you want?" because I just don't understand what she is telling me.


Elizabeth said...

I just love that little blond baby with the little black-haired babies. How cute is that! She is absolutely adorable. They all are. Ack. The cuteness is overwhelming.

Thanks again for this blog.

Rebecca S-H said...

ha ha! Thanks. I think they are all pretty cute too!