Monday, March 16, 2009

Pondering some "lydia talk"

I was just thinking, maybe Lydia always says "I'll do it my/a lonely" instead of "I'll do it myself" is because in German it would be "... aleine." which sounds kinda like alone.

Also, Lydia consistently says "Morning" to mean tomorrow. "Morning we will go to the zoo, mama." At first I thought she was using that word because when I try and put something off I will either say, we will do it in the Morning or we will do it Tomorrow. But I think it is more likely that she is applying the German word to English here. In German, the word "morgen" means both Morning and Tomorrow. So she translates it from German "morgen" to English "morning" when she really means Tomorrow.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lydia talk...

March 11, 2009. Lydia age 4.

Here's what she dictated into her new elmo diary today:
"I eat obento upstairs. I played a game. Somebody runs to get a chair. (she demostrates) oops. no chair there! I sing Aruko. I'm big is, I wanna write this. (meaning: when I'm big...) I'm big is, I wanna pick Alex my lone is. (meaning: I wanna pick alex up [from school] by myself. I played outside and then go home. Now I go to nap. After nap I goin' to Motoki house. Mama went to doctor."

She constantly says, "I'm big is...." and "my lone is" or "my lonely"
I'm big is, I wear fancy shoes like mama. I'm big is, I drink coffee too. I'm big is, I drive mama's car.

Then there is Alex who is 2, nearly 3. His language is sometimes so much better than Lydia's! He was chattering away the other day and he said, "When I'm big, I be Lydia. When Lydia little, Lydia be Alex." So when Alex grows up he wants to be Lydia. And he thinks that when Lydia was a baby, she was Alex. He also thinks he is a girl penguin. So I guess where he excels in language skills he lacks in intelligence. Ha Ha!