Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Alexander 18 months

Alexander is still impressing us with an increasing vocabulary...

As a result of his days with the babysitter, his japanese vocabulary and understanding is also increasing. The babysitter told me he says the following words to her: (of course, pronunciation takes some getting used to. It sounds like babytalk but after you hear it a few times you definitely can tell what he's getting at!)

D├Ázo (here you go, please)
Itadakimasu/Gochisosamadeshita (what you say before and after eating)
Ochita (it fell)
Dekita (I did it)
Konnichiwa (hello)
Aruku (walk)
Pan (bread)

In English he has added some words. He now says:
Bye-bye (sounds more like "bye"... a month ago it was more of a "baa")

He has also started saying his name and his sister's name. It's very cute when he runs around the house looking for her and yelling "Leelia, Leelia." Or he wants to play hide and seek so he starts saying his name "Ale? Ale?" to let you know you should start looking for him.

In German, to be honest I am not sure if he has many new words because I'm not the one speaking German with him. I'll have to get some input from Roland here! But Alexander is quite good at saying danke and bitte (thank you and please). He also seems to understand papa quite well.


moriyaj said...

What language do you use with your husband? We are trying OPOL with our 5 month old, but we speak to each other in a mix of English and Japanese, mainly fairly randomly. I am also going to signing classes but my husband shows little or no interest, so it is interesting for me to hear how it's going for you.

Thanks for the interesting blog!

Rebecca S-H said...

(blush) sorry for the slow reply to your comment.... we generally speak english with each other. though in certain environments we speak german together. I think it is important not to switch languages while speaking or mix words.