Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alexander 16 months (September 2007)

I have been noticing that Alexander is much more verbal than Lydia was at this age. I guess it is a combination of him just being him and him being the younger sibling and hearing a very repetetive 3 year old sister. He uses single words... here's what he is saying now:

Yaaaaa - yes, Ja
Nai - no, nein
Panpan - any kind of food (comes from japanese for bread)
Juuuu (along with the hand sign)- any kind of drink (probably comes from juice)
Baa Baa - bye bye
Papa - papa, dad
Papa - cell phone (because he talks to papa on the phone! LOL)
BooBah - any button like a light switch or elevator button (come from "push button" or "bee-baa" - the noise the buzzer on the bus makes when you push it)
wawawa (with head bow) - konnichiwa, hello
Nahnah - good night
Mama - mama

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